About Me

What I do. I am the CEO of TRUSTLESS.AI, a spin-off startup of the Trustless ComputingAssociation, (was Open Media Cluster), centered on bleeding-edge innovations in privacy- and security-enhancing IT and AI.

Interests and Social Profiles. I discuss IT security, AI and global governance in my Blog on this website, on Twitter, on Facebook, while my full CV is on Linkedin.

Where. I currently live between Rome,  Luxembourg, and Berlin, where I hope to be relocating soon.

Family. Born in 1970, I live between Rome, Italy, with my wife Vera Simsic Guerreschi, and my sweet daughters Goja (12) and Luma(8), surrounded by a few cherished relatives and friends.

Likes. I most enjoy my family, and talking, researching and acting on the best ways to bring about substantial spiritual and personal growth, and substantially increase the well-being of humanity. I also like meeting all kinds of people and talking about anything truly meaningful to me or them. I also like very laid-back joking, teasing and laughing, while I like “much less” useless, formalistic or negative chit chatting. I like walking or being surrounded by pure nature, the sun, watching clouds, raw simple vegetable, and fruits.

Goals: My current life goals are: (a) substantially improve my personal spiritual growth for my benefit and others’ (b) do my best to help promote adequate and empowered global governance institutions and widely deploy new socio-technical and organizational paradigms to achieve revolutionary levels of trustworthiness in the lifecycle and oversight of computing systems in critical societal scenarios, such as civil rights, surveillance, advanced artificial intelligence.

Spiritual Goals. For decades I have been interested in both spiritual growth and political action. But since the last 5 years I have become convinced that at least 90-95% of human suffering is solely due to humans temporary inability to properly control their flow of thoughts and emotions, rather than be controlled by them. Such endeavor is within reach of nearly all of us, by embarking in a committed joyful effort and discipline in seeking, applying and refining adequate mental and physical exercise methods.

IT/Political Goals. (1) Help create large transnational highly-binding treaties for policies & standards related to critical use of  IT in society (privacy, participation, constitutional surveillance, AI); (2) Help make so that Humanity as a whole gives a good shot at trying to turn AI in the greatest thing that ever happened to humanity by taking advantage of the elimination of scarcity.

My Blessing and Curse. I was blessed with substantial physical and educational resources and, I believe, with substantial general intellectual and spiritual capabilities and inclinations. These constitute for me a great responsibility to attempt to contribute to human well being. On one side it has been a source of great enjoyment and satisfaction, while on the other it has brought me to dedicate way too much money and time to NGOs or social enterprises, sacrificing quality time and some securities away from my family.