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” BIOS and firmware-level attacks were somewhat common in the late 80s and early 90s. At that point, when the Internet took rise, probably around the advent of Windows 95, it became easy enough for “hobbiest” hackers to forget about the more difficult task of infiltrating hardware and focus on the software. But clearly the NSA had the resources and inclination to keep focus on the lowest level.”

” Orwell thought we would be destroyed by the things we fear, particularly comprehensive surveillance. Huxley conjectured that we would be destroyed by the things that delight us. As it happens, we’ve wound up with both. NSA/GCHQ are doing the Orwellian stuff, while Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skype et al are taking care of the Huxleyan side of things.”

John Maynard Keynes 1953 : “Will the discontented peoples of Europe be willing for a generation to come so to order their lives that an appreciable part of their daily produce may be available to meet a foreign payment, the reason of which … does not spring compellingly from their sense of justice or duty?” he asked. Greece profit from German history | Jeffrey Sachs | Comment is free | The Guardian

Frank Rieger: ” It is impossible to live in a complex society without violating a rule here and there from time to time, often even without noticing it. If all these violations are documented and available for prosecution, the whole fabric of society changes dramatically. The old sign for totalitarian societies – arbitrary prosecution of political enemies – becomes a reality within the framework of democratic rule-of-law states”

“Cyber Security Needs Its Ralph Nader” makes a case of why we necessarily need an ICT standard (public or private) for highest-assurance ICT systems and devices, , and a related of form of remote attestation, albeit extremely-secure and user-controlled. The rational is that people will be able to modify their cars, but if they want to drive their cars in the same road as others, they should be obliged by law, and by technology were possible, to run safe-enough cars. via